"Updated Parts" Update


Since you took out the baffle re-jetted, cut the grey wire, your warranty is nul and void

I was joking, you know sarcasm :D:):D

My dealer called today. :D The guru at Yamaha said to pull the flywheel/rotor. Clean and inspect. Put it back together and torque to 47 lbs. Back the nut off and re-torque to 47 lbs. Sounds like it's just a torque thing. For now anyways. :)

If this is the real fix. How hard would it be to issue a TSB?

Tell that to the guy thats gone through 3 keys in 120 miles. :)

they havent issued a tsb yet, because they dont know if this is the real fix or not.

I agree. I want to see it in writing before I'll believe it.

So did you really get a NEW flywheel? or was is lapped and refitted. If its a new part then I am surprised no one else has heard of this route. To date it has all be re-torque the nut and hope for the best from the dealers.

So did you really get a NEW flywheel?

Apparantly so. If yours breaks, just take it to the dealer. Be polite (it's not their fault) and ask that they TALK to someone at Yamaha rather than just follow the TSB that recommends a retorque.

...and don't worry about it. Yamaha will fix it. For the new owners who are still snowed in, it will all be worth it after the first good ride. These bikes are spectacular!!

Yo Bean,

What's the nature of the race? Let us know how the bike performed when you finish. I'll bet a good thrashing like a 10 hour enduro will testify to the re-torques you've done and the integrity of the bike. Good luck.

Your right about this: lot's to be said for not always being the fastest or coolest. I think that just finishing the trail ride safely and without breakdown is #1. I look at my past and current (WR450) rides like an airplane, you better be 100% sure that nothing in your control can go wrong. That is why I'm still spooked about this bike. I miss my WR426. Any XR600s out there with tow straps that like to ride CO/UT rock and sand ?

I kept the tow strap, and sold the 600. GRRRRRRR. :)

I'll find a near perfect, used XR600 and trade ya straight across for your near perfect, used WR450 :)

HighPlainsWR, Budds Creek Hare Scrambles, about a 2.5 hour race usually, it should be very muddy this weekend.

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