XR 200 rear shock?

My dad is planing on selling his 02 XR 200, but it's in need of a rear shock. I was told that these shocks arn't servicable, so we priced a new one out. The dealers asking over $400 for a new one. So my question is, what other bikes have a rear shock that will work on his 200? Thanks.

Honda XR200R's from 1984 to 1991 have a rebuildable nitrogen charged rear shock and will bolt in your late model. It's the hot set up to use the forks and shock from those years as it's adjustable, rebuildable and gives another inch of travel. You usually can pick them up on Ebay reasonable .

NO !!! Dont buy that shock, $99.00 plus $27.00 shipping ???? Yikes, I just bought the rebuildable XR200 shock on Ebay for $26.00 . That shock may not fit your bike, read the sticky xr200 mod quide in this forum for what will fit . If you just want a shock to put in so you can sell it, look at this one.... http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/XR200-XR-200-HONDA-REAR-SWING-ARM-SHOCK-LINKAGE-PROLINK_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ34284QQihZ014QQitemZ330323133826QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW

I am in the same boat ! I need a shock that is worth a crap and need advice. Help Me please!

That is a BS ad, don't buy that shock. 83 and 84 shocks are different, plus all of the XR shocks from that vintage had remote resorvoirs.

About using other shocks: All of the XRs use 10kg springs (+/-), the rest of the J bikes use 5 kg springs (+/-). The XRs have different linkage ratios than all of the other J bikes. The net result is the other J shocks have more travel and less dampening and will provide results you may not want. Check out the spring rates on the RaceTech web site.

To my knowledge all of the early Pro-Link XRs have rebuildable shocks, including the 81-83 models and using early XR shocks on a later model XR200 is one way to upgrade the suspension..

Yes....Only Xr200 shocks made up to 1991 are rebuildable,after that the shocks are sealed throw aways .

I asked the eBay seller if the shock had a resorvoir and adjusters, he replied that it had no resorvoir and the only adjustment was spring tension.

Based on the seller's response the shock is most definitely NOT from an 83-84 XR200R, maybe a XL200R, which matches the years in the item description. The pic shows what looks like a steel clevis and the R shocks I'm famililar with have a machined aluminum clevis, it also looks like a rubber bushed upper mount, the R have a bearing.

Thanks This is all good knowledge to have !

I am under the impression that all year models XR200R (84-02) will

interchange on the rear shock. I know that some later models are shorter. Will a 95 rear shock fit a 02 model?

I put a 2002 shock on my 87, it bolted up real nice. If I remember the 02 shock came with the bolts, and I used one of them because it was shorter and fit better.

Lots of option as all XR200R shocks that I have measured, or the lenghts posted here, from 81-02 are 13 1/4 to13 1/2" long, along with the 81-85 XR250R and 81-84 XR500.


I have a 1991 XR 200. Do you know if a shock from a 1983 xr 350 fit on my bike?

I havn't measured one of those but I suspect about 13 1/2" OAL like other XR shocks of this vintage. If it is the same as a 86-91 shock it will increase rear travel by 2.7" with a corresponding increase in ride height so I suggest also using the 86-91 forks.

I am trying to understand this. Isn't the shock on a 1991 xr 200 13.5 inches also? If so why would it increase the travel? Thanks for the help and your patience.

I am trying to understand this. Isn't the shock on a 1991 xr 200 13.5 inches also? If so why would it increase the travel? Thanks for the help and your patience.

Sorry for the confusion I was trying to answer two questions and didn't separate the issues. I answered the OP's question regarding a 02 XR200 and how the 91- shock and forks would raise the bike, and my uncertainty about the length of the 83 XR350 shock.

I don't know for sure that the 81-83 XR200R is 13 1/2" long as my recolection is 13 3/8" but that was measured on the bike and a 1/8" error is very likely. I have read 13 1/4" which adds to the confusion.

It would be nice if someone with an early shock would measure it and post, along with the length of the resorvoir hose.

Also if someone could provide the length of the 83 XR350 shock and details about resorvoir, clickers, etc.

im pretty certain works performance can rebuild these non rebuildable shocks

I have a shock off an 81 Xr200r.It is 13.25" long.The resorvoir hose is 10" long.It says non rebuildable on it,but I have heard you can rebuild them,just don't know who does it.

Thanks for the post; that clears up my 13 3/8 dimension that I measured with the shock on the bike, I measured long!


That shock would lower the rear a bit but I doubt if there would be any interference between the tire and frame/fender because on my 90 I had 2" of clearance using a fully collapsed shock without a compression bumper. I put a lowering link on that reduced the clearance to 1 1/2", and then I replaced the 17" wheel with an 18" wheel and a Trials tire and still had clearance.

'83 350 has same shock as 200 but with dual adjusters, 13 1/4. Hey Chuck i have an xr shock here with longer clevis, measures 13 3/4, do you know which year/bike it came from?

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