Service guy put my tire on wrong

I took my rear tire into A respected dealer here in Denver to put on a new tire. This is the new Fay Myers store on Arapahoe for you CO boys.

First, I usually go to Steele's Cycle for new tires. They put them on for free if you buy it there (good prices too). But it was late on Saturday and I don't have much time any other day before my trip to Crested Butte in Sept.

So I went to FM. I asked for a Dunlop 756, they didn't have it. I asked for a Dunlop 739, they didn't have it. So I said what do your have, they said IRC. OK, fine. I've used them before, they are good tires. Well the service guy took forever to get to it after telling my he'd do it right away. Then when I get home, the tire is on backwards, the arrow points to the rear instead of the front. At first I thought, no biggie. But then I noticed the tread angles. Flat on one side (the correct side) and angled on the other (the wrong side). so now I have to take it back.

I wish I didn't despise putting tires on myself. I won't do it unless it is absolutely necessary, like on a trail with a flat. But come on, a respected dealer screwing up like that? Now I have to ask my wife to drop it off and pick it up because I don't have the time to do it myself.

One positive, sort of. As I was taking off the tire again, I noticed I have a pretty good bent rotor and it was hanging up on the inside pad. Good to find out now than on the trails.

Hope the five star dealers you went to be not the one that bent your rotor in the first place. :)

Don't worry. I never even look. A buddy ragged me because both of mine point backwards. I can't even think of why they think it matters. Someone might give a historical reason that made sense 35 years ago.

Good luck,


Dougie, you think that they are bad try going to Grand Prix Motorsports. I will give you the details later after possible legal actions are taken.

I'll throw out some cudos to a Denver area shop. Vickery, I have had nothing but good luck with them.

Comp182-I'd like to know more about Grand Prix-I go there some, but they just don't seem to have it together...I've heard good things about Vickery too, but it's a long drive from Highlands Ranch. Let me know what's up with Grand Prix...

Hey Dougie,

Yup, classic case of shop mechanics working on a bike that isn't theirs. Attention to detail is a bit harder when it's not your bike (though should NEVER be that way when your paying someone to do the work). I know it bite's, but one bit of advice, take the money you will pay the shop to change out a tire, and invest it in a set of good tire irons. Changing tires isn't fun, but for crying out loud, spend the time you would use to drive the wheels over to the shop to change the tires yourself (And save your hard earned $ you pay someone to change them, for buying the tires). A tire should take no longer than 20 minutes tops to take off an old tire, and mount a new one. I've always hated changing tires (almost as bad as cleaning air filters), but am much happier to bang up my knuckles changing my tire, than I would be writing a check to the shop to do it.

Hey, just my $4.26 worth........


Dodger :):D

YZEEZEE, I can not go though the details right now. But I promice you that I would not go to them for anything especialy service. The service Manager is retarded. I Promice you that I am going to post as to what happend when this is over. Hopefully soon.

Hey man, not to try to insult you or anyting,,, but are sure its on wrong??? the arrow is supposed to point in the dirrection of rotation wich would be pointing to the back of the bike IF the arrow was by the ground.

Its just the way you said it was pointed backwards is all.

Most nobs are not directional since they are square lugs with symetric tread, but you did say one side of the lugs was tapered so it dose sound like you have a directional tire wich is a new one on me for a dirt bike.

If its on wrong, I would take it back to the shop and tell em to do it ASAP,,, mistakes happen and if its the first time Id give em a brake since a directional knob tire is kinda rare IMHO.

That being said, I put a 756 on my WR and its like almost half shot after about 8 hours of riding!!!!! In another 8 hours my 739 that was on it when I got it a year ago and that I took off cause everyone said it sucked will look better!!!!

I dooo like the 756 on the front though.

Dodger, what tire irons do you like? I bought a cheap off brand and one snapped in half. Any suggestions?

I have had good luck with Grand Prix, While I wont take a bike to fey meyers. Fey was asked to change a flat, and the rim torqued on the rack so much that they then tried to sell me new bearings because the old ones didn't turn anymore.

Colorado powersports in castlerock hasnt done me any favors either.


Hey cnacc;

Get a good set of spoons, my other irons bent right away. Terry Cable makes a nice set, you can get them through RMMC.

Terry Cable Spoons

***Link takes you to index page, sorry!**

I've seen some that have a big red handle, they look burley!!!

Hope that helps a little, I'm sure other guys could provide other links.


Dodger :):D

[ August 26, 2002, 04:54 PM: Message edited by: Dodger ]

I've had good luck with Vickery too. But for good prices and free mounting, you can't beat Steele's Cycle (Union and Santa Fe).

Yeah the tire is on backwards (the arrow points to the front of the bike when the arrow is on the ground). I was going to let it go until I noticed the tread angles. If I leave it as it is, the treads are not straight up and down like they should be. They are pretty well angled (like they look after a few rides). I'm wouldn't be getting the max traction like it was designed for.


Cant wait to see your new rig! Must be hard to steer though...with the steering in the rear of the bike now... LOL

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