So, did I mount something wrong?

I have an FMF Mega Bomb header on my '06 YZ450F. I just finished doing the bearing in the filter drain hole mod and hooked everything back up and did the usual party dance, revved the motor and all that happy stuff:banana: I noticed that the header out of the top end pushes out (moves about a 1/4" or so; I don't think I ever noticed this before. Is the aluminum spacer on wrong, do I need high temp silicone prior to mounting? Anyway, i obviously have a loose connection there as it is backfiring. Maybe just tighten?:p

Did you connect the springs?

nope, guess i forgot those, what about silicone? necessary?:p

Instruction for mine said Hi-Temp silicone and let it set up before running.

nope, guess i forgot those, what about silicone? necessary?:lol:

Wouldn't hurt.

I did the same thing you did, forgot the springs an layed it over an the thing inside my header that goes into the engine popped out an my hole header fell off. Lets just say i'll never ride without springs.


thanks gentlemen, I took her all apart, cleaned up the fittings, added some 'silly'cone:banana: and tightened back up with a side order of springs:smirk: perhaps I'll pick up some HP with the exhaust being properly directed:applause:

Silicone is only necessary if you have an exhaust leak at the midpipe joint, but the springs are necessary to hold the header on.

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