To keep or not to keep??

So I bought a 07 YZ450F recently and no matter where I ride(no track ridding only trails) I cannot seem to get it past 3rd gear. Not that there is a problem with the bike, its just so fast that I never need 4th or 5th. I was wondering if I should downgrade to a 250 or just stay in low gears? Im a big guy like 280 so I'm not sure if a 250 is big enough.

Shift up a gear and ride faster... :lol:

At 280 lbs, your on the right bike. Nothing wrong with using 1st & 2nd. :p

Once you trade down, if you do, you will be regreting you did once you get use to the bike. The extra power would be ideal for your weight. I have a 06 YZ450 and Im 5'11" and 204 pounds. I ride the bike on trails and I also race desert with it. Its a great bike!

i had same problem after adding drd pipe, i geared down by going to a 50t rear sprocket, makes third grear more usable for me now.

haha keep it things a beast but maybe thats the problem just re-gear it deffintly dont go down! esp after your already on a 450 you'll be bouncing that thing on the rev limiter to try and make up for that power difference you were use 2 REGEAR IT!!!

I agree, go bigger on the rear sprocket to tighten up gear ratios. Maybe a 50 or 51.

gear the bike down and add the GYTR Off-road flywheel weight

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