E-line stator wiring

I just scored a sweet deal on a E-line external stator for my 426. My bike is plated, and had a moose stator that crapped out. The E-lines are the cats meow. Only thing is, it didnt come with an installation diagram, so i dont know what to hook to what.. Anyone have one or know where i can get one? I assume i can call Eline and see if they can send me one.. I have a Baja Designs kit on my bike that it needs to hook into.

Ok, now my problem is that the stator has two yellow wires, and one red wire coming from it, but the harness only has one yellow wire and one red wire to hook to. The yellow is power, red is ground. Do i just leave one yellow disconnected?

I called e line and they said just float one yellow wire.. ill try that. The harness i have only has one yellow wire to plug into so how can i use both yellow wires?

Each yellow is 100w 12v (ac). In most cases just tape off one yellow lead and use the other. Most folks I spoke with use one lead for lights and the other for aux. power, ie heated hand grips, gps etc.

Where did you get it and did you have to buy another flywheel to?

I got it used from a guy on supermotojunkie.. I have been looking for one for almost a year now. Good luck finding one! It came with a flywheel that adds onto the stock one.

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