tie me down

i have a question concerning bike hauling.

i have a 98 ford ranger (std bed with drop in liner, not that skinny one with flare fenders) and am looking for places to tie my bike down. the two hooks on the front bottom of the bed work fine for 1 bike. if i wanna haul more than that, though, it's goona req. more hooks. there are square bed pockets at the front of the bed.

i was looking at drop in pocket anchors at lowes last night, and thoguht the ones they had looked rather chincy :).

can anyone give me any advice on effectiveness (or ineffectiveness :D) of this type of system for tying down motorcycles, and if you use them, what kind are they and where did you get them?


racer36 :D

My buddy put a set of THESE on his Dodge and really likes them. They are well made and look good. :)

I put a Moto-bar on my F150 for just the same reason. PHOTO They don't make one for smaller trucks yet though.

John, you are the man :)!!! those are better than what i was looking for, and they look like they would hold a bike just fine with a 1000 lb capacity.

it looks like i might even be able to leave those on when i have my taneau cover on!!!!!!!! :D

thanks a ton.

racer36 :D

I've got four tie-downs like these and they're great...need a little lube now and then...but they're tough and get out of the way when not in use.

As for haul'in more than one bike. We always hook the second tie-down into the back of the first. I also use the factory hooks cause they're down lower and this keeps the bike a little more stable.

They were pricey, but have proven to be really handy. I was skeptical at first, but we hooked down two bikes to them and a third to the hooks in the bed of the pickup. We easily hauled 3 bikes.

what we do in my dad's sierra to tie 2 down is to put outside set of hooks to lower hooks in bed, then inner (crossing) tie downs to upper bed, and down in pockets thru hole inside bed.

my ranger has a bedliner, so these are inaccessable less i cut it, and they look like you couldn't get a tie down thru them anyways. so i thik i'll get a set of these "bullrings" and do the same set-up.

thanks for the advice, though... i'm not sure we could get tie-down over to hook it to back of other anyways. it's sumthin to consider, though.

thanks again.

i knew i could get a good lead on TT! :)

racer36 :D

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