wave rotors

I have a WR450F 05 and my rear brake rotor is finally bent. Are wave rotors better or just look better and who makes a good one. stainless steel?:p

For the most part wave rotors are just for looks. Technically they clean mud out of the caliper better than normal rotors as they rotate. However when actually using them the difference is unnoticeable in almost all situations except when very muddy. Galfer and Braking both make very good rotors.

I agree with the above !

Wave rotors are also surpose to dispell the heat better, but unless you are top rider I dont think you would notice the difference in performance.

The reason for the wave rotor is that there is more surface area to them. So you have more rotor.

The reason for the wave rotor is that there is more surface area to them. So you have more rotor.

That is not true, a solid circular rotor has more surface area than a wave rotor. Besides, friction is not dependent on surface area.

There is greater surface area on the outside edge (circumference) exposed to the air for better cooling? Then again wouldnt the fact that there is less material result in the rotor heating up quicker?

One thing would somewhat cancell out the other.

The wave rotors are lighter, but I doubt I would be able to notice the difference if I put a solid rotor on' and then changed back to the wave rotor, I like the look of the wave rotor better it looks a bit more updated.

Or you could use an adjustable wrench to straighten the disc out while mounted. Spin wheel and grip to check where disch is bent.

All good points. I've always been told that wave rotors offer better performance (for who, top racers I presume) via lighter weight which decrease rotating mass which allows for faster acceleration and quicker change of direction and turn in. Wave rotors typically reduce static weight, are self cleaning and cool down faster.

I just thing they look cool. And seeing as how I'm not winning or losing races by seconds (more like losing by hours, ha) I just run stock rotors.

i ordered a rear off an 08 wr450 and ir bolts right up

its the same hub

I bent the rear rotor (wave) on my 08 wr a while back and didn't want to spend the bucks for a new one. So I chucked it up in a lathe and turned it down a little on both sides. It works just like new. Keep in mind it was only about .050in-.060in out in the worst areas.

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