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need more mx friendly bike.

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hey all. i'm back in school again, so net access for the next 9 months again!

rebuilt wr400 over summer. taht was expensive!!!!

any wyas, runs good now, but exclusively track ride, and my bro's 98 YZ 400 seems so much more willing in the engine department than my WR. a simple blip of the throttle and it clears anything. i gotta rip around the croner like i'm running with carmicheal to do the same thing. it's just that i gottta ride mine so much harder to get it to run like his. his just has more "mx" snap i guess.

anyways, how do i gain that with my bike, and what are any side efects.

i'm getting a fmf powerbomb header soon, (and cheap!) i have a yzf pipe. the airbox is unplugged and the TS removed, grey wire cut, 14-50 gearing- ran a 13-50, buit found i like th 14-50 better for the track. how can i gain the boost and endless top end the yzf has? timing?

if so, what is involved in rejetting, and what side effects? i.e. overheating, fouling, etc???

any help would, well,... help i guess, so throw it my way.


racer36 :)

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ok, after reading the last post about "i think i need yz timing" i am going to go ahead with this free mod.

i live in western pennsylvania (butler to be exact, near pittsburgh) and am currently running what i believe to be stock 98 wr400 jetting.

what changes do i need to make (if any?) after retiming????

thanks for any help.

taffy, yamakazee, feel free to jump in on this one. you guys seem to know what makes these things run. :):D

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Yo xrracer;

You may as well do the YZ timing, it's free, doesn't require any jetting changes (unless your going to YZ jetting, HIGHLY recommended!!), and you can always go back. The timing change takes all of an hour or so, so no huge committment.

Let me know if you have any specific questions, the change was easy, and well worth it!


Dodger :):D

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