timing chain too tight

well we took off the tension bolt and we are trying to put the chain around the cams and it seems too tight and it fit it a couple weeks ago any suggestions?

There is no tension bolt, these bikes come stock with spring loaded tensioners. Take the bolt out of the middle of the tensioner, then stick a flat-blade screwdriver in the hole and turn the screw inside (there is spring tension on the screw). As you turn the screw the tensioner will retract, allowing you to get the cam chain on (though you can't have the cams bolted down when doing this). If you turn it all the way the tensioner should stay retracted until you nudge it in the other direction. Then once everything is on and the cam caps are on you can release the tensioner and it will spring back into position. Make sure your timing is right after the tensioner is putting tension on the chain, as this is one of the most common mistakes made when messing with timing.

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