Specs on the WR400 and 426's...

Well, it has been decided by forces beyond me that I cannot afford a new 450. So, I'm looking at buying a used 400 or 426. I'm trying to find out where I can find specs for 98-02. Also, can anyone tell me the main differences made between 98 through 02? What is the deal with the 98? You can find them pretty cheap, but should I spend more on a newer model? Are the wheels from the 98 that much more inferior? Didn't the 98 have starting issues that resulted in some modification in 99 that eased the problem somewhat?


I just bought a 99 and as far as a starting issue on that particular model there is none. I have read enough here to know what to do but it is a non-issue every senario you could think of and it started so easily that it was ridiculous. I went throught the same debate, here in cal the 1998 and 1999 are green sticker I will registar mine this week and find out for sure.

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