Anyone running race fuel?

I'm going to Baja, and with the new 450, I wanted to get an idea on what you guys think about gas (the Mexican P-mex is a little sketchy).

My buddy thought that the WRs aren't supposed to run race fuel, but he insists that the P-mex makes the bikes run poorly. He wants to start with a tank full of racing fuel and add P-mex as we go to keep the bike from running on P-mex alone.

What's the party line on this one. Let me know.

Thanks, Bud

I've been running race fuel for years in my YZF's. I don't see anything wrong with it.

I came across a little known fact last year, P-mex's super unleaded is made by Arco. Its still not a quality I would like to run in my bike but is still better than the Mexican regular unleaded, mid grade is just a mixture of regular and super unleaded. I personally run a mixture of 76 comp 100 octane mixed with 91 super. If I was running in Mexico I would bring straight race gas and cut it with the P-mex super and bring several fuel filters.

We just carry octane booster and buy super/premium when we're in Baja - various bikes KX500, CR250, WR400, XR600/650s. I didn't have any problems and I don't recall any of the other guys having trouble.


Does anyone know where you can buy race fuel in a typical large city? I would like to buy 10 gallons or so when I am running at high altitudes in Colorado with difficult jetting setup.

Been to BAJA twice San Diego to Lapaz and a northern loop . I was lucky to get gas out of a pump , mosty mouth siphoned out of a drum . No problems , some spark knock on fresh XR600 . the DRz400s KTM520s and YZ426s used octane boost with no trouble what so ever .

Dan are you asking where to get it in Col, or IND ? THe Marathon in speedway has race gas in a pump think its torco purple

Thanks for the reply Scott. I found a place in Denver that has Sunoco GT 100 Octane. My brother lives out there and has a brand new KTM 525 MXC.

i run 1/2 turbo blue and 1/2 93 octane.

works awesome.

Yea, I was going to mix it half and half with premium. Colorado has the idea that permium is 91 octane. The regular is as low as 86 octane. Does altitude let you run a lower octane? I didn't think so but some of you guys that ride at 10,000 feet can enlighten us.

Nobody has had any problems with using octane boost? I thought it wasn't the best for the bike.

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