Water/Coolant in the Weep Hole

My '03 was not used for a week. I have noticed a water/coolant droping in the weep hole during warm-up, when I rode her the droping water/coolant in the weep hole stops. Is this normal since the unit was not used for for just 1 week or there's something wrong with the water seal & coolant?


Dripping from the weep hole usually means the bearing, seals, or shaft is going bad. My thought on it

look around on the forums a bit, you'll find that this is a common problem. my WR did it last summer. it leaked even after the bike was warmed up, so i replaced the seals, bearings and impeller shaft. now it only does it when it's cold. if it's below 10 degreez Celcius it will weep a bit. It's totally normal for WRs. many of them do it right from factory. Just make sure your oil isn't turning grey, and make sure that the bike is cooling properly. My impeller shaft was reemed at the end and wasn't turning enough. Make sure of those two things. If it leaks for more than about 10 seconds, do some more looking into it.

Thanks for the reply guys!:banghead:

My bike leaked as well when it was cold. Below 40 degrees. It still leaks a bit but as soon as it warms up it quits.

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