Swingarm Play

After working on my '06 450 this weekend I pulled it off the stand and noticed a "clunk" when I set the rear wheel on the ground. I put it back on the stand and after checking bolts and the like, noticed that there is a little play in the swingarm. When I pull up on the swingarm while leaning over the seat it moves a bit. I've checked all the bolts on the swingarm / sub-frame / shock mounts and they are all in spec. There is no play laterally either. Any ideas on what I'm missing?

If Iam hearing you correctly you may want to take the rear shock off and check the bearings at the bottom. While you have it out you mine as well check all the A-arm bearings(suspension linkage) if you will.

That way you can go ahead and clean all the needle bearings and regrease them or replce them if needed. Go head and do the same to the swingarm bearings.

Heres a link to help get you started.


haha in your swing arm if it slides side to side you need a bearing kit for that its not exspensive 50-80 bucks from what i remember when i did it on my old 400ex if thats what it is replace ASAP!! dont ride it cuz the bearings coulda actually like ground down like mine and basicly almost like welded it self to the inside of the swing arm yours sappose 2 just press them out but mind were so f'd up on that 400 i had to cut em out with a torch :banghead:!! but thats gotta be it theres bearings on each side of the swing arm where that HUGE bolt goes threw and connects to like the back of your motor so hope this helps more then likly thats the problem good luck!

Thanks for the input. The play isn't from side-to-side but it follows the direction of travel. When properly torqued / greased should there be any play in the direction of travel? The bolts are all torqued to spec so I'm assuming it's time for new / regreasing the bearings but want to confirm once I'm done.

There will end up being some play, yes. Consider that each of the bearings has a small amount of clearance in them, and then realize that there are 6 pivot points altogether. The play at the end of the swing arm is also exaggerated by 3~4 times the actual total, also.

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