Exploratory Surgery for the 400

At a cross country race yesterday, in which I crashed my brains out, I was able to get a stick to punch through one of the rubber gaskets on the head. Of course I didnt notice it until the race was over, when I then noticed oil all over my leg. The bike seemed to run fine, although no oil registered on the dip stick. Now I need to tear into it and see how much, if any damage was done. Any one else had this happen?

I havn't had this happen but not sure exactly where you talking about, is this the half circle rubber on the valve cover?? How'd the race go?

Originally posted by endurodog:

How'd the race go?

Since he crashed out, I would say it didn't go so well :)

Pie, I think there is a good chance you did no harm to the motor. As long as the oil pump did not run out of oil, and it could be way below the dipstick and still have a supply of oil.

The way the dry sump system works all you really need is enough oil to go from the recirc. pump, into the res, run down the sides and into the delivery pipe before it runs dry. I don't know what that minimal amount would be but I bet 1/2 a quart would do it.

Of course running with that small amount of oil in there would not be wise, but if I were you and anything approaching a quart was still left in the motor I'd just fix/replace the gasket, change the oil/filter and be on my way.

Hope this helps.

I was riding at Glen Helen two years ago on my '99 WR400. They pulled everyone off the track to water it. When I got off my bike in the pits I noticed oil all over my left boot and discovered that the small plug on the ignition cover was missing. I pulled both the frame and engine drain plugs and nothing came out, no oil what-so-ever. I had been out for a good 30 minutes so I don't know how long it had been without oil. I pulled the valve cover and there was no sign of wear/damage on the cam caps so I filled it up with oil and started it to see what I'd find. I didn't have any abnormal noise or anything and it ran fine. This was about two years ago and it still runs like a top, in fact, I have somewhere between 750-1,000 hours on it by my calculations and I've never had the cylinder off it or anything. The bike doesn't even burn oil, last month I did 745 miles on it in four days (and 90% of that was really high RPM) and the oil level went from the full line when I started to a little above the low line after the 745 miles. I have always used Mobil 1 synthetic and maybe that had something to do with protecting the motor when it had nothing but a film of oil remaining. I wouldn't go tear into it yet, fill it up with oil and try it out first.

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Actually he says he crashed his brains out and didn't notice it till the end of the race. Gave the illusion he still finished the race. I have crashed my self silly and still finished races.

Yes I catapulted my self into space several times, and then spent valuable minutes dragging the bike back on the trail. I finished, but really lost confidence and tons of energy in the process. Still finished 4th which was also last in the Open Ex class, this race was a killer and for some reason had lower turn out then normal.

My fear is I did some damage, I felt like the bike was hard to kick thru even with the compression lever in?

I will drain the oil today and see what was left if any.

Let us know what you find.

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