WR shock on 1999 YZ400F?

Ok, I ride slow - I know this :p

I'm about 5'8" 160lbs and I'd like to get more use out of the rear travel. I've adjusted the suspension per the FAQ (this made a big difference). I spent several rides adjusting compression/rebound front/rear and the front seems to be "there" now.

The rear sag is right where it should be and the spring seems to work excellent for launching off jumps and general fast riding but I'd like to be able to compress the spring more and have it follow terrain better when hill climbing. I can't seem to get that tractor action when climbing rocky shelf type mountain goat stuff. I'm thinking a WR shock swap would be a cheap alternative? I use the bike as my all-around rider now. Desert, woods, chasing kids etc. I'm not a moto-crosser.

Thx for the input.

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