2009 Yz450f

Like the 09 crf 450,I would probaly stay away from the first year new model with EFI.Just my opinion.Not that the crf is bad but from what I have read,heard, and reviews the 08 crf is better. Back to the 09 yz....GET IT GET IT GET IT GET IT.I love my 07,remember sometimes mellow power = faster.

I worry less about new year EFI issues with Yamaha then any other brand. If they can make it work on the watercraft, snowmobile and R1 i am confident they can do ok on the YZF.

I got a chance to ride a 2007 YZF this weekend and was less than impressed with it.

Yeah, you'd have to say the R1 is pretty well dialed, eh?

My opinion... coming off a 2007 CRF450 to the 2009 YZ450F, I love the Yami so much more. Suspension is great stock. Power is mellow, but I will say it helps me during a race. I can race the YZ harder than the Honda. The only change I made to the bike was going up 1 tooth on the rear sprocket.

That is a great price and YZF's are tried and true.

I worry less about new year EFI issues with Yamaha then any other brand. If they can make it work on the watercraft, snowmobile and R1 i am confident they can do ok on the YZF.

I got a chance to ride a 2007 YZF this weekend and was less than impressed with it.

You forgot the raptor, grizzly, and rhino.

My 09 is the best YZ450F I have ever ridden, and it's pretty much stock. I did get the jetting spot on, greased everything, and pulled the head bearing out and replaced it with the new style bearing.:excuseme:

i would say thats a smokin deal on an 09. i have an 06 and i love everything about the bike, i would like fuel injection and im looking into what it would take to convert mine to it. Buy the bike man

you get black wheels, a brand new bike, white plastic. It is a very nice bike, i recommend buying a pipe almost immediately if you buy it, you will gain five horsepower in places and that is no joke. It will be a solid bike.

that being said, you are on your fourth honda, and they are awesome bikes. They have more power than the yzf and they will turn inside of one all day. the quality is close, giving the edge to honda. (I had an 05 honda and now an 09 yam) The yamaha engine should be very reliable.

a honda is going to be better prepped from the dealer in my experience. the yamaha guys did such a poor job on my bike. go over either one yourself.

handling is going to be the biggest obstacle when adapting. The Yzf will feel longer and bigger, it has a tendency to push on the center out, and requires some adapting. Stewart never had a problem, and they definately turn in the right hands.

I have a friend who has ridden an 06 YZ450F for the past 4 years. He is very fast. A pace. He has always bashed the red bikes in favor of blue. Well I saw him at Bremen the other day, he got to ride the 2009 Honda CRF450R. He said "The best bike I have ever ridden, suspension comparable to the SSS, great easy to use power, and I could ride it twice as long as my bike."

that even impressed me when those words came from his mouth.

If I were selling my new bike for a 450, I would go buy a 2009 CRF450R. Plain and simple a bad ass bike.

You wont get an 09 honda 450 for that low a price, prolly not close. It is the new tech though and thats why Yamaha is ditching their 09 yzfs for cheap.

Yeah, you'd have to say the R1 is pretty well dialed, eh?

im pretty sure thats a joke, right?


I bought the white YZ last month. Good bike, just working on the center out push...LOL.

I've spent a total of 2.1 hours on my bike as of now, Suspension is starting to feel soft, I've went 2 clicks in on compression, and slowed rebound down 3-4 clicks as of now. I do like the way the bike turns, and plushness of suspension in the first 1/4 travel. During a 1 hour GP over the weekend, I was getting some pretty serious headshake with it, 3rd-4th gear rough straight. Then we rode a SX Saturday night, and bike would not settle in whoops, I tried 2nd and 3rd gears trying to get the motor torque to help with the kicking, and did not feel overly confident with the rear.

I'm going to start looking at suspension valving now, but not sure who to choose. I am 185lb Vet A top 10 Loretta speed rider, and so far I am very impressed with this bike stock.

Try Craig Decker of ENZO MN. He did the suspension on my 05 and I'm very pleased with it. It doesn't hurt that Craig is top 3 A class speed when it comes to setting up suspension.

I'll give him a shout, hopefully he is top 1 overall with setup! LOL... I've just tried a couple other suspension shops before with mixed results. My favorite was my 2001 yz250 done by factory connection (setup for nationals with my pro license that year). To say the least is was confidence inspiring, just twist the throttle and it would stay straight and pull you through just about anything.

Talk with this guy before you go to someone. I have had a few bikes done by the big name suspension guys before. Joe Skidd is a one man show that does all the suspension for the Factory Canada Yamaha Team he really knows his stuff. My 09 is awesome its on rails everywhere,money well spent. I'm a top B rider with 7 years of racing. I talked to alot of people before I went with Joe and I never heard anything bad about him. He is worth a phone call...


sounds like a good deal. With the money you save get a new pipe and some suspension work done and you will be all set.


Dave Johnson at Smart Performance. Nobody better.

Thanks Gray! I can't wait for some of the Smart Performance publications to be accessible. The titles look great and I'm always looking to read something that will make me faster through machine performance enhancement, or riding style for that matter.

What's up with the Semicks forum on here anyway? It all seems like a sales pitch instead of a riding technique help forum.

I'm a former top three OTHG 30+ Novice, So I'm pretty much as fast as you guys right? Kiddin!

...I'm pretty much as fast as you guys right?
I would hope you were as fast as me if I were you. :thumbsup:

Gray: I'll give him a shout this week for sure. As for being as fast as me, I'm just an "old, fat, slow guy" according to my sons. LOL,, age isn't the easiest thing to deal with for sure.

"Old"? When you actually get old, you let me know.

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