front disc guard

i have a really quick question, would the cycra front disc cover for a 05 yz450 fit a 04? im pretty sure it will but i want others opinions before i buy it. thanks alot.

That depends on how it mounts. The three bolts that hold the fork guards on the '05 are in different locations than on the earlier bikes. If it bolts to those, it won't fit.

it only shows that it has two bolt holes, one in the middle and one just to the right of it, i guess worse comes to worse ill just have to send i back if it dont fit, ive looked around on my websights and cant find one that fits my year any places that you might know of that would carry that for an 04? I need one badly from riding in deep ruts and im sure hiddin rocks in those ruts this will be my second rotor that i have bent, stuff gets expensive after awhile.

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