What year is my WR450f?


03' - 04'.... The exhaust is throwing me for a loop but I am going to guess it's an 04' and a damn clean one:thumbsup:

I was thinking it was 2004...But I don't know the differance between the 03-04

But I don't know the differance between the 03-04

Something about a woodruf key on the starter gear :p

The sticker on the frame, behind the headlight should state what model year it is...

Does it have a digital ODO / Speedo or analog? (assuming it's the stock unit)

2004. The 2003 had a lighter color forks. And the 2005 had a different top profile on the tank, and different fork guards.

It has analog speedo.. I'll have a look for that sticker!! I think its a 2004...Apparantly the 03 had a different cover over the starter cover

2004, was it sold to you as a 2005 or newer? A lot of 2004's have 2005 regs in the uk and ireland, left over stock i guess.

Looking at the forks kinda leads me to think that its an 03.

Confirmed by Yamaha UK it is a 2004 Model!:p

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