Thunder Alley Pipes - Still around??

Is Bob still making pipes? I couldnt get the website that I had for him to work.

Long time no see Wyatt!

Yeah, what part of the woods have you been lost in?

Don't know about the TA stuff.

I burn oil in my gas now....YZ250 2 stroke. I was trying to convince someone to give a Thunder Alley pipe a try and now I cant seem to find them. The Website looks to be down and I dont have a phone number. I really liked those pipes on my 4 strokes.

thanks for the link , its says 420 for a full system which is reasonable , but i have a fmf megabomb and like it alot so i emailed mohard and to see if it was possible to get a slip on made for my Rmz450 , i remeber bob used to build slip ons to so hopefully he still can

mohard emailed me back and said they do make slip ons ill prob be ordering mine soon

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