wr450 jetting

need to find someone who lives in bakersfield,fresno or somewhere close .I have only put a Q series pipe on. I trail ride at 4 to 500 ft.should I take the snorkel out? what about jetting??? :)

Most people take the snorkel out and run a 148 pilot jet and a 160 main jet. They seem to run pretty good then according to my C.B.S.O.P dyno. Couple of beers seat of the pants.

Iv had a couple of beers also, but a 148 PJ is a little high. I think you mean a 48 PJ. :) I also have a 160 MJ.

I'm running the 48,160, 72 starter combo also. My bike is still lean, it sounds like popcorn in a mircowave when I chop the throttle. I've ordered the YZF needle and have a 165,168, 170,172 set of main jets to try this week. Indy WR450 is letting me try his gyt-r insert also. I think the smartest thing I've been told is that 4 different bikes will run 4 diff ways. So each bike may need slightly different jetting, either due to break in, gapping holes in the airbox or that ding in the header. You can start with the base setup and work from there. I'm Taking 2 days off to ride in KY along the Mountain parkway off Clay city exit. It looks cold but I DON'T CARE. The only guy more pumped than me is my MX buddy that broke both hands last summer/fall and needs a serious speed fix :):D

Try the YZ needle I mentioned 5 clips down with a 170 main. I just lowered my needle and the popping is all gone.

Are you still running the 165 main or did you put in the 170 tonight ? You might want to post the Needle stock # you gave me so everyone can try it. I lost the item # after I ordered it. They say it will be in on MON :)

Hi Scott, I went back to the 165 main and raised the needle (5TA-14916-JN-00) to the 5th position from the top. I am a little rich on the bottom. I will try the needle in the fourth position from the top next. Have fun jetting on Monday.

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