Radiator guards

Are there any radiator guards out there for the 426 that are better than the Unabikers? Moose has a stout looking one but doesn't list it for the 426. I guess my "old" bike is becoming obsolete?

I've got Devols. They fit nice and work well. :p

Those look pretty stout. I went ahead with the Unabikers, which also look pretty stout on the Thumpertalk parts list picture. Thanks guys.

You won't regret the Unabikers-I swear I can hang my bike from the garage ceiling by them, they're that sturdy.

OK, that may be a bit too much, but seriously, I've had the rear tire wash out in high speed curves, and the bike went sliding on it's side. Destroyed the radiator scoop, grip, lever and gnarled up the side panel, but the rad is still good to go. That rad would have been toast if not for those Unabikers.

+1 on the Unabikers! My buddy had an "incident" with a large tree root sticking up out of the ground on the trail. Would have completely torn his radiator open if he didn't have the Unabiker guards. I have them on mine now, too!

Glad to hear it about the Unabikers. Can't wait to get them. BTW I found a local radiator shop that will fix my current problem. Don't know if they can do as extensive a repair as Mylers, but mine is relatively simple.

That's good - hopefully it will save you some $$.

+1 for Flatland guards. Fit real easy and are good and solid. Saved my radiators several times for sure.

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