Would you believe it???

Maico built a 760 in the late 70's early 80's.

Maico 760

I knew one of you guys would come up with something bigger!!! :):D

The ATK700 will probably develop more than 43hp though...

the million dollar question.... WHY?

what is next ???? a 1000 cc dirt machine...

that bike would be cool with a paddle tire in some sand dunes..... :)

I was asking myself the same question.

Who's able to ride the CR500 or the KX500 to their limit. I know pro riders are fast with those bikes but who could confirm that they've reached the limit.

Well if one prooves that he can lap faster with a 700 than a 500, we will have to admit that the intimidator is worth it but 'till then... :)

Hey Math,

I came across that article too at Offroad.com. That bike looks like it would rip your arms clean off the socket. I couldn't imagine a place other than the desert where you would want more power than a CR or KX 500. That thing looks like a widowmaker.


Ha Ha!! :) You know that English is not my first language.

"Widowmaker"... kinda love the expression :D :D

Speaking of Widowmaker, how about hillclimbing? This unit might be the hot ticket for those maniacs!


Talking about hill climbing,

I'm going to a very special competition in two weeks (just to watch). Guys are racing in an alpine skiing center (yes there is still snow on the ground here) with snowmobiles, quads and bikes with studded tires... The plan is to make it up the mountain as fast as you can in the first ski track and then to race down the same mountain in the second ski track dedicated to the event.... Guys race like this for 8-10 lap and this constitute one race. I'm really anxious to see that. :)

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