revalve or not

2008 yz450f, I'm a novice rider, having ridden for 7 months now, I'm just starting to hit triples. I ride a nasty non prepped hardpack desert track with tons of rocks. My question is should I get the suspension revalved? I'm the right weight as far as spring rates. I have the bike setup to where it's as plush as I can get it with out bottoming out on the largest jump. witch makes for a nice ride on the hardpack. But could it be even better with a revalve? Should I spend the money? Also I'm not sure what to tell the person who would do my revalve. If they asked so what is it doing and what would you like it do? I wouldn't know what to say. Is that a sign that my suspension is fine for my level of riding and I should just leave it alone for now?

depend on the price but if its perfect why changing it?

my oil looked realy bad after less then 6 month of riding, then i got it revalved and its absolutely perfect now.

I changed the oil and added a little wich made it a little stiffer than I liked at first. It's ggod now, but if it could be better than I'm all for it. Even though the suspension is good if it could be great, that would make for a much less tireing ride I'd think.

Last I spoke with factory conection they quoted me $500 for the revalve.

Is that about right?

I have an 06 yz450 and I had mine revalved and all I could say is..... WOW!

The forks on mine just didnt feel right to me stock. At a race when the braking bumps got real bad seemed like the forks didnt soak it all up.

The frontend felt unstable one minute and the rear shock felt dead in a way.

I told Steve Litz of Litz racing what it felt like and was doing and he said "ok"

when I get done the whole suspension will have a whole better way and over all feeling.

I stayed there till it was done "Oh about 1 and a half" He reshimmed the forks and stayed with the stock springs and did some grinding on the rear and shimmed.

When it was done "man did them forks seem stiff" On the track it was like night and day.

Dave Johnson at Smart Performance helped me with mine, and regardless of how good the stock suspension is, this is MUCH better. The harder you ride it, the better it feels.

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