Dual Sport kit

I'm in the process of installing lights on my XR650R so I can dual sport it. I have most of the parts I need but I'm not clear what Calif requires motorcycles to have to pass brake and lamp inspection. I called Honda and they don't know. They just install Baja Designs kits and signs them off.

Does anyone know what the rules are? One person said I need front and rear brake light switch and another said just the rear. How about running lights? If you installed a Baja Designs lighting kit on a 650 what does the bike do.



Thanks qadsan, I saw the DMV site before but trying to make heads or tails for the reg's are difficult. I did find my paper work from the Baja Designs kit I installed on my XR600 a couple of years ago. I ordered some parts yesterday so I should get it all together this week end.

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