05 YFZ450 head on 03 WR450 ????

I need a new head for my 03 wr450 have stock cams in excellent condition and brand new aftermarket hot rod cams but was wondering if a 05 yfz 450 head would work on my bike part numbers for cylinder head assembly are one letter different mine is a 5TA-11102-00-00 and the 05 YFZ's head is a 5TG-11102-00-00 looks like bolt patterns line up from pics just wondering if there are any hidden stuff that would not make it work, i've heard maybe exhast cam is different but I was hoping to use hot rod cams anyways? Also would like to know if anyone knows what years of the yz450f head would work with my bike. I would really appreciate any help thanks.

Doubt it would work cause 2005 wr450f wont fit a 2003 wr450f motor. Not a 100% about the quad stuff though

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