Scotts Dampner for sale 99WR

I am selling a Scotts Dampner and Oil Filter mount post for a 99WR400. It was on my bike for a little over a year and probably a little over a thousand miles. Works great. $300 including shipping anywhere in the U.S.

They go new for $400ish i believe.


Why sell the damper? Are you riding more motocross than desert/trails these days? I'm a Phoenix resident also, and I have a friend who says the dampers aren't helpful when doing MX.

I'd like to have one, but its a luxury item right now...


I am riding mostly desert and loved my dampner tons. I need to focus on some other aspects of life right now so its a luxury item for me too. The 2001 feels rock solid as did my 99. I will probably regret it in a month or so but thats life......

B r u c e

P.S. Was it your Brother who bought my 99?

Bruce, are you not the one running a HID system from Baja Design's? Did you keep that for the 2001? How was it holding up?


The H.I.D. Lighting system is flat out AWESOME! I am never selling that thing. It has been ultra durable with the exception of one wire breaking near the small battery pack. The light this thing puts out is amazing. It lights up the trail like three or four standard lights. And you can see all the colors. We went on a ride here in Arizona out near Globe and the trail was lined with Manzanita Bushes that have Redish wood and bright green leaves it was like being in a dream the colors are so real with the ultra white light. You go back to one of those yellow bulbs and you want to clean your goggles all night long. Another benefit to the 2001 is the 130 Watt Lighting coil. Now I can run dual H.I.D.'s :)

We ride all summer long here and all night long too. It extends the riding season to year round here and opens up a whole new arena of fun rides and experiences. We have been out from 9 p.m. until 3 in the morning a couple times. I highly recommend all WR owners use their lights and try night riding this summer it is a blast!

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