Springfield, Fairfax Virgina

i'll have a ride of that virgina anytime. you just call.

what's on a man's mind!!!!!


You may want to look up Northern VA Trail Riders. They do a ride every Oct. called the Shandoah 500. Most ride street legal dirt bikes so they can ride the National Forest.

Im looking for places to ride relativley close.. i live in the washington DC area now.. i posted quite a while back im wondering if anyone knew of any places to ride up here or to ride somewhere close... Please let me know..

chrippes! am i the only one left with a sense of humour here or what? (what probably :) )


HAHAH... u still got a sense of humor... LOL...

THanks for the info guys..

Also check out www.vchss.org, they hold races all over VA and that should give you some ideas where the tracks are at least.

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