YZ and WR radiator shrouds?

How much difference is there between them for 07-09 bikes?

What is different? The amount they flare out, the mounting holes or everything? They look identical. I don't really want to buy YZ shrouds for my new tank if I don't have to.


p.s. In search, everything is about pre '07 WRs and YZs, so dead end.

They are different in regard to where the mounting holes are located... if you bought a YZ tank or an IMS tank for your WR you WILL need the YZ shrouds.

Yes, SJMC is right, I bought an IMS 3.1 for my 07,and you can get the two lower holes to line up but not the top one, I heard of some people using them like this but didn't like it, I bought the Stock YZ shrouds from Yamaha after I tried the YZ Acerbis, the Acerbis were flimsy and the bolts seemed to cut through the plastic while just mounting them. The stock ones have a washer molded right in them so fastener wont cut through the plastic and I liked them a lot better. I do have the Acerbis if anyone wants them for free, just pay for the shipping

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