Another Metal Flakes on Oil Filter...

I've always had a small quantity of metal flakes on the filter surface - steel mesh type. Last night, in prepping for this weekend's GP in Virginia City, NV I noticed more than usual amount of metal chips and flakes mostly piled in two of the filter pleats. Worse is that some of the particles are magnetic.

I took the bike out Sunday for a pre-weekend shakedown ride and it ran beautifully with no abnormal noises. I should note that one intake valve is a little tight which I will address after this coming weekend. A tight valve won't cause this kind of result though to the best of my knowledge. I change the oil every 6-10 hours of riding time.

Is that a bearing taking a crap?

Its a tough situation:

* bike runs great.

* been plannning this weekend for a couple of months now.

* supposed to leave Thurs morning.

* don't want to pay for a total engine rebuild.

I bought the bike used a year ago and have about 70 hours on it. Who knows how many previously...

Any thoughts?

If you're unsure of how many total hours are on this bike I would be careful. You put on 70, the PO put on how many? 30, 60, 90 maybe more? At the very least I'd put in a top end and do a thorough inspection of the valve train and replace the cam chain.

See if the crank has any play in it. I'd keep an eye on it.

Squarish, bright flakes of steel (magnetic) are usually an indication the a bearing is gone bad.

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