Bent rim

Had too much fun on the WR this morning, bent the front rim good. :) Where’s the best place to get a new one?

[ August 26, 2002, 03:28 PM: Message edited by: tk421 ]

i just bought an excel rim and they have changed the holes, so i had to buy an excel spoke kit. excel is now in the spoke business. i brought the hub and rim to buchanan's,(626)969-4655. they stock blank excel rims and can drill them to fit any model. i wish i had known this before i ordered the rim and spoke kit. the excel spoke kits have the aluminum splined nipples. i have heard that these can crack. anyways they set me up with the right spokes and nipples to build a wheel that looks like the stock one. any one want to buy a set of 18" spokes and nipples for a yz/yzf?

Thanks Keith, I’ll give Buchanan's a call.

See if you can get it fixed first. I just had my street bike rim re-straightened from .300 back to .015. And it was a mag wheel. The place I took it did spoke wheels also which he said is much easier.

Try Woody's Wheel Works in Littleton Colorado. They can do wonders with wheels. I don't have the number but if you can't find it off the net, I'll look it up for you.


Like the other guys said, if it's not tacoed it might be able to be trued back to within specs.

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