Gas mileage

just wonderin what the gas mileage is on a wr 450 with a 8 litre gas tank mine was near full and it quit at 40 kms i thought this was strange and not very much distance

I rode a poker run on Sunday which was around 34 miles or 54 kilometers and I hit reserve on my 08 wr 450 with the stock tank. It was the first time I had it out on the trails. I'm going to be a little nervous until I couple more rides on it for a true reading on the mileage

I got to 45-50 before I hit reserve when I was running the stock tank on my 07 with free mods and jetted with a pipe. Now I don't know cause I put a bigger tank on and never get to reserve because I find a gas station or I make it back to camp.

I managed 96km/60 miles before reserve, most of this was hi rev comuting

I always try to fill up before I hit 50 miles as I normally have to go on to reserve at 55 miles & thats on the trail.

for me its normally 60 miles to the tank on the 450 . but thinking about it my old 400 and 426 did about the same

so most people are gettin around 100 kms my tanks mustve been not as full as i thought i reset the tripmeter and filled the tank so hopefully it will last longer if it doesnt wat tank should i get to make it last longer

I have the Clarke 3.4gal.? on my 08 wr. I like being able to use the stock shrouds. I think that I could do 100 miles on a tank.

Yamaha really missed the mark in 07' when they went to this smaller tank but I know the aftermarket tank mfg's are happy:busted:

With the stock tank on my 07' I had to switch to reserve after 35 miles once in the Desert.... went home and ordered the IMS first chance i could:thumbsup:

3.1 (i think)IMS tank, and woods riding I can get 80 miles in before reserve. However, reserve isn't much more, and I have to tip the bike over on the left to get the last few ounces of fuel off the right side of the tank.

130k's before reserve on my 03 .

08 wr and I get about 30mpg racing or play riding doesnt seem to matter

08 wr and I get about 30mpg racing or play riding doesnt seem to matter


This is a good number for me as well. Sometimes I get a little better, but I'm always golden if I plan for no more than 30mpg. IMS tank and no surprises.

2003 wr450 with 2.6gal stock tank. At around 65 miles i hit reserve 85-90 im out.

04, 100km to reserve is pretty standard, 70km in the sand

03 WR450, stock tank - consistently between 35 and 40 mpg. I never ran it to reserve, but I suspect I can go about 90 miles on a tank.

yup about 30 mpg max...rideing hard on trails I got about 47-50 miles on stock tank, now clark 3.6 on her + 1 quart in pack when needed issues no worries...:worthy:

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