WR450's can fly...

This is over a nice, easy 70-footer. Fun factor = 10! :)

5.2mb mpg file.

WR450 over a 70-foot jump

Very nice Dave. Did you check out the video of us at Bunkerhill MX? I was clearing 90 feet on the uphill jump there..............db :)

View the video here: CLICKY

I guess I still have to practice a little :)

My comp. send an error trying to play it. What format is it? I want to see toooooo :)

R1...is that you with the orange helmet? :) Looks like a sweet track. Great footage too!

Motorod, it's in .mpeg format and you can use the latest Windows Media Player to view it.

Yeah, that's me. "Blackie" is always filming me when I'm either warming up or falling down. :)

Your footage is really good, and your jump is great! Where is that, Idaho? We need to hook up for a ride here really soon..................db

Yeah it's in Idaho. It's about 55 miles southwest of Boise. The desert out here is cool to ride (in the winter) but I'm waiting for what little snow we have to melt so I can get back to single-tracking in the mountains. I love that stuff. I'll actually be down near hole-in-the-rock, Utah in two weeks for three fun-filled days of slick rock. I hope to make it to Moab in the fall. If you guys want to come up this way, I would definitely tell you to wait until late May or early June so you can get up into some of the high country. It's spectacular.

For some reason I get an error trying to view it? I think I'm using the latest Windows Media Player. :)

Cool video Dave. I have it saved on my desktop. Thanks for the mid-winter pick-me-up. :)

i have windows media player and winamp programs on my windows XP setup..worked fine...what type of camera did you use?

i wish we had dunes like that in MD.

cool clip...showoff! :)

It's a Sony digital video camera. Not sure what model..it's a few years old now but still does well. These hills are actually not sand but just regular old dirt that protrudes right out in the middle of the desert. Really fun and easy jumping playground. Now if you want dunes...check out this clip from last fall at St. Anthony, Idaho. 10mb Real Video.


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