Small Oil Leak

So I replaced the water pump last month including the 2 seals, shaft, ect....

Now I have a small oil leak either coming from the weep hole (is that possible?) or from the crankcase gasket right below the water pump where there is a large tab in the gasket?

It is a very small amount of oil.......

It is possible for the oil seal to leak, and the idea of the weep hole is that that is where it would come from. But it's not too likely unless the seal were to be assembled into the case backward, which is actually a fairly common mistake. The lip of the seal needs to face in toward the oil it is sealing.

If you used a new gasket, they are pretty robust, what with the metal core and all. A mistake that could have been made here is to have left a chunk of the old gasket stuck on one of the sealing surfaces in that area.

I re-used the gasket, and I'm wondering if I should have used a new one?

I just looked at it after taking her around the block and I'm pretty sure its coming from the weep hole. I thought I had everything correct? It wouldn't be the first time I thought I was right and wasn't. Should I buy a new seal or just open it up and switch the direction?

I guess it depends on how much finesse you can use in removing the current seal (if it's backward). Remember, it's under the bearing. I'd probably try reusing it.

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