GadZooks - FMF Jerseys

I've never been much of a mall rat...But my wife and daughters insisted that I spend some quality time with them this past Saturday (Quality of my wallet that is!) anyway my daughters dragged me into this store called GadZooks....You know the one Pastrana is involved with an has all the fox stuff in the window. Well...being a Thor gear kind of guy, I extracted myself and looked for a safe zone to hid in until they were done, then something caught my eye....A whole rack of brand new (2002) FMF Motocross Jersey's for $19.00, The same jersey I had been drueling over for the past couple of months on their internet site for $43.95 Needless to say I scarfed 2 up immediately.

My daughters tell me that they have seen these on sale at every GadZooks shop in the Atlanta area...

Might be worth telling your Class A Dependent (Wife) Class B Dependent (Girlfriend) or Class C dependent (Someone else's Wife) to snag one net time she's at the mall....

Bonzai :)

Thanks for the heads-up. I told the wife about it last night and tonight I came home to new jerseys for me and the kids.

Now if I could just find some blowout like that on new boots!

I don't believe I would of told that.....


Try they have the MSR System X boot on clearance. I bought a pair for my son and they look very nice for $160. They're made by Alpinestar.


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