Raptor motor into a wr 450?

Anyone hear of anyone putting a 700cc raptor motor in a wr 450 frame?....Just for kicks were thinking about it and thought maybe someone heard of anything like this before.

i was think the same thing if i was ever rich and stupid with money, what could i do.... i was thinking in a yz frame tho...

yeah...same goes for me but ive actually got a friend with the raptor motor and me with the second wr that i own which i ride in the dirt, just figured if anyone thought it could be possible at all.

Hill climb anyone?

I guess with creative welding, it would be totally possible.

You can put a big block in a chevette... but 'should' you?

How much does that pig of a motor weigh? Seems like dumping money into the WR motor to increase HP would be a wiser approach all the way around.

Hey! You will have a dirtbike with reverse!

There's a guy that converted an R1 into a dirt bike, look on youtube for it. Heavy pig of a bike, and useless but it's been done. Power's useless if you can't manage it.

"gixxerkart" is another thing that was one of those "just because you can, doesn't mean you should" things

well ive already got my drag race motard and have alot of money into her already....lol, just was wondering and putting it out there.....who knows if well get around to it, im working on putting nos on my motard right now, or at least the parts are in the mail.

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