Head pipe glowing red

:) Is it normal for my head pipe to be glowing bright red? I never noticed this on anything except maybe a turbo or carbon fiber brake rotors, Could this be a good indication of a lean condition?



Don't worry it is normal.

Thanks, I was worried. Is it due to it being made out of titanium or are they all that way and I just never noticed?


Thats how I light my cigar.

They all do that.

This is why the manual states not letting the bike idle for a long period of time..............db :)

it is very normal even happen in my bike... about not idling for too long... hm... maybe it is to preserve the life of the packing near the impellel shaft... :)

noticed the same thing on mine when I made the jetting mods, turns out the idle screw was turned in way too much for the setup. If you back it out some, the red glowing goes away and bike will idle a lot better. I can idle mine almost indefinitely. You are correct that it is a sign of a lean condition at idle.

I've noticed that the Titanium pipe turns a sweet shade of blue. I figure I'll tell people that I got it anodized! :)

Maybe that was the reason that it took so long for the WRs to be released - they wanted to make sure the pipe didn't trun green, red, yellow or orange :D

Hey Bill,

At what elevation do you ride at mostly? Thanks...........db

This guy is right, ITS TOO LEAN. it maybe common but not normal, reset the mix and it will be sooo much better.

I live at 1500 and ride from anywhere from 1500-4500 feet

I have put some insulation on my header to protect the radiators from getting heat.

My bike had the same problem when i got it. Called the dealer he had me check the hot start "plunger" in the carb he had seen one getting stuck and not returning to the normal position---down. I removed the plunger and checked its operation---ok. Then I looked for some other problem (since it wasn't getting stuck). What I found is the adjustment on the cable was way out,there should be some free play in the hot start lever before the cable moves. Make sure that you here a click sound from the carb when you quickly release the hot start lever this shows that it is completely closing. btw the bike is running too lean richen the jetting. If you need any more help let me know!

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