Things I have broke

Its coming up on a year of ownership, in that time I have put on around a 1000 miles of desert, dunes, and trail rinding including three 70 mile desert hare scarmbles. The following items didn't make it or need help:

1) hot start knob (boots hang on to the strangest things when you're being ejected from the bike)

2) rear caliper guard

3) rear master cylinder reservoir

4) larger skid plate required due to denting lower frame

5) bent front and rear brake disks, looking for better protection

6) odometer cable has decided to start spinning itself off (I'm leaving it off do to the liability of it coming off in a race)

7) rear allen for rear carb boot clamp jumped ship

Its proven to be a tough bike, I would like to hear what any of you have broken so I keep an eye out for weak spots.

I reckon I have been very lucky... touch wood... all I have lost is the Kuoba T-Handle from the carb... must have vibrated off one day... :D

John, that handywork looks like the staples they held my thigh together with when they put the titanium rod in my femur... nice work... :)


I would like to hear what any of you have broken so I keep an eye out for weak spots.

If you haven't already you should probably install some radiator guards, I think Devol's give the best protection.

WC frame guards do a better job of protecting the rear brake mc reservoir than the stocker.

I also broke the plastic (why bother??) rear caliper guard but never replaced it. Bent rotors can usually be straightened w/ a crescent wrench and some patience. I have had this happen also but only twice out back and once up front over about a three year period (a Scott's shark fin would be nice but they are $$).

The hot start is a new one on me, but I removed/relocated this to the bars, trying to turn the damn thing off with the bike in gear was too hard, I tried using the heel of my left boot a few times, then decided this would break it eventually...

That's all I can think of.

How about bones? 5 in one accident. Wife wont let me race any more! That sucks. All the stuff on bikes, the worse was having a rockerarm come through the valve cover, can you say oil everywhere! :)

Just added one more to the list this weekend... a headlight. I even had a plexiglass shield to protect it, the roosted rock was just to big. I am changing over to a number plate. I can't believe that it lists from Yamaha for $115! :)

That's a short list. Were you born yesterday? Next Christmas somebody get this man a hammer.

Smashed rad, fixed for $25 by Dennis @ Brighton Rad (stand up guy)....

2 mashed headers....

Tweeked sub-frame, so my a$$ end hangs to the right....

2 Thrashed rear bead locks....

Both frame rails flat.....

Snapped rear break resivour...

Lost rear caliper guard, not surprised...

Mooshed threads on front axle (damn rocks), now guard doesn't attach....

Multiple mooshed foot pegs....

I'm touching, kicking, and knocking on wood, I've had it pretty easy :D!!


Dodger :):D

Damn Dodger, you are hard on the equipment!

These bikes are pretty tough. I too, am hard on the equipment. Here is what I have broke:

2 Carb Slide Plates

3 sets of Renthal Bars (Jimmy Button bend)

2 sets of Acerbis RallyPro Guards

1 Front Fender (Lost my TT stickers over that one)

2 Numberplate/headlight combos

Think that is it. Not too bad really. Still have the original rad shrouds, side panels, rear fender.

Pretty tough bikes indeed!

I have broke a few things too:

1. Rear fender

2. decompression lever

3. headlight mount

4. odometer

5. bent subframe

6. bent front rotor

7. Broke my finger loading a bike in the back of a truck. It got stuck in one of the holes on the brake rotor and was sucked into the caliber. Had to get 8 stitches and broke the tip of my finger. Not cool.

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