extra controll arm needle bearing

Regreased my complete swing arm assembly and started to clean up and found an extra 12mm long by 2mm thick needle bearing laying under a rag on the bench :banghead: It has to be from the control arm assembly because I replaced the s.a. bearings. Anyone know if all of the needle bearings in the c.a. are the same size or am I gonna have to pull the 3 pivots apart and check?

Off of the top of my head, I don't know the answer. But if you want to do things right, it's isn't that hard to pull the linkage back off and look.

The truth is, though (this is NOT optimal, and I'm NOT recommending it), but if it's only one missing, it will survive without it.

I just took mine apart and regreased them about a month and a half ago but as I recall, they all looked identical in size. Probably not the answer you wanted.:banghead:

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