This thing is twice as fast w/ the mods

I was waiting to pick up my YZ throttle stop before doing the mods. It came in today and I just finished installing it, disconnecting the gray wire, removing the air box snorkel, running the PC T-4 Pipe this monster feels like I'm running a 100 shot of Nitrous. I thought I loved this bike before, I had no idea. I still have the jetting and the YZ450 cam to do.

Good to hear, we like our members to be satisfied... :)

Are you planning on YZ timing your existing exhaust cam, or putting in a YZ specific one...?

Let us know what and how it works out...

Please post the results back here and in the YZ cam mod discussion that is pinned to the top of the YZ4xx forum...



Replacing it with the YZ450 exhaust cam.

That should be pretty straight forward then...

Good luck with it...


Hi Wr450F 4600FT,

I think we would all appreciate a seat of the pants review of the YZ450 cam performance. I have one on order. Are you going to try the YZ450 needle in the carb as well?


Ours come without throttle stop and grey wire

after putting on my pipe and rejetting this bike is awesome and very fast

a lot of it also has to do with the way it puts the power down that makes it so quick

Last weekend I rode tightish woods but this weekend I will be doing some more hanging on the cable and will probably go to a 48 rear sprocket later.

I am so Happy with my new toy :):D :D :D

I've done the jetting, grey wire, airbox, but not a pipe, you guys that put on the after market pipes, did it make a big difference or just a little? I can't decide on a pipe or not. some bikes I've had it made a big difference, like my DRZ400, others I did'nt notice much difference. and at least the stock isn't bad looking.

These bikes are so fast they make your eyes water with the goggles on. :)

I'm not putting a pipe on.

I just got the GYTR tip incase I need to shut her up a bit.

I ordered an extra one for the ole lady. :D :D :D

Changing the stock Euro pipe to aftermarket definitely makes a difference and the thunder alley gives lot of bottom end grunt

But from what I see the American pipe looks nice and not restrictive

But then again the bike is fast enough you dont really need to do anything to it

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