Need Volume of Fork Oil - Outer Chamber 06 YZ450

Hello Group,

Does anyone know the oil volume / level for the outer chamber of 06 YZ 450 forks?

Thanks in advance.

It is in the manual, but this is a better link, only because most of the manuals there are printable, and most at the Aussie link are not:

It's 350cc BTW. It's also VERY touchy about variances. As little as 5cc/side can make a noticeable difference.

Thanks to all that responded. I guess I should have been more clear in my original post. I have the manual, but just wanted to verify the volume as there was a fairly large deviation between how much came out and how much was specified in the manual...I guess the seals had been leaking much longer / worse than I suspected. :banghead:

Has anyone had a issue with the plastic peice in the upper chamber splitting

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