The people you meet racin'.....

I told you all about the chum that I met last week at the Filthy Pup Hare Scrambles. You know, the one who "introduced" me to the trees. :)

Well, this weekend at Horn Rapids, I met a different sort.

My regular riding buddies were either racing elsewhere, or not racing, so I traveled to this event solo. Loaded up my WR on my snowmobile trailer, and pulled it behind my Isuzu Trooper. Attended the rider meeting, and headed to the start line. I entered the 4-Stroke Expert class, and I could expect six laps around a desert course that was 12 miles long. I have a Clark 3.3 gallon YZ tank, so I think that I am right on the cusp of needed to pit or not, and seeing that I came solo, I am hoping that no pitting will be required.

Got a good start, am feeling good, and the laps are clicking away. I am about a third of the way through the 5th lap, when my bike starts to sputter. So, I turn it over to reserve, and I start thinking about how I am going to get some gas.

My first thought was to stop at where the guys who are pitting for Taber Murphy and Paul Osbou. They are super nice, and I was sure they would be willing to help. But, the more I thought about it, the more I thought that I could be an unexpected hassle, so I decided against that. Luckily, I backed my Trooper up to a cyclone fence, and the course happened to go right along the other side of that fence, and that is where everybody was doing all pitting. So, I decided that I would stop next to my Trooper, hop the fence, get the gas, and take care of business.

When I roll up, I look at my "space", and the people on both sides of my rig have a full-blown BBQ laid out on my snowmobile trailer! Chips, potato salad, burgers, sodas and all the fixin's. I yell out "Blue Trooper! I need the gas can out of the back!"

Dude was mid-bite into his Jumbo Spicy Dog, he puts it down, gets into my rig, grabs the can, hops the fence, and has me filled up in no time. As he is pouring, he tells me that they have a Dog all ready for me when the race is over. I told him that it sounds great.

I quickly got back out on the course and finished the race. I ended up taking 4th in class. Don't let that fool you though, as there were only 4 entries in that class. :D

After the race, I roll up to my rig, and sure enough, I was treated to a great spread. They said that it was "rent" for use of my trailer. I told them that somebody from their group had given me a stick of chewing gum before I headed out on the course, so we were already square in my mind, the sausage just sealed the deal.

I did not catch the name of the riders, but on the side of their bike trailers, they were from St. Maries, Idaho, and I believe that they had some sponsorship from St. Joe Cycle Shop. Super nice people, helped with my pitting needs and they hooked me up with some great post-race grub.

Can't complain about that a bit. Can't wait to see who I meet next.....


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