Normal operating temp on WR's

I bought a 2000 WR400F not too long ago and was wondering what the normal operating temperature should be for this bike? I have a computer that reads about 150-160 F when haulin and about 190-200 F when rollin slow thru technical trails and hill climbs. Is this about right or am I runnin hot? I was overheating a lot over winter and found out my water pump seals were bad. I replaced them, along with the shaft, bearing, and a Boyesen impeller just last week and rode last weekend, the numbers above are from last weekend. Am I cool or what? :banghead:

No idea on actual temps, but your numbers seem reasonable. Where is your sensor located?

mine is in the rad hose and reads 114-138 (supermoto) but to me it sounds low, i always wondered the same thing

When doing hill climbs I can get up to about 250 (that's when I take a break :-), cruising on the road I'm usually running about 120-170 depending on the outside temp and how fast I'm going, and just a little bit hotter when I'm doing slow sigle track trails. This winter my computer usually woudn't even read because it has to be 100 degrees for it to work, but it was pretty cold out :-).


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