WR450F 2005 Gear shaft problem

Alright guys,

I am rebuilding my WR engine for use as a Supermoto bike, I bought it having thrown a rod on the previous owner. :banghead:

The engine had locked and broke the crankcases. I have so far done:

New casings and all bearings/seals

New crank'

New Athena Big Bore

Head ported and big valves fitted

Bored out carb

I went to put my casings together this weekend and when clamped together the gearbox locked solid, I removed twice and check everything and seemed ok, but on third check my first gear shaft has slight bend causing the end to wobble. This is obviously causing the binding in the case.

Now that's not major as a new shaft is like $80USD so even for me in New Zealand it's not terrible, and here is the big however, the part is on back order from Yamaha :banghead:

So does anyone have ANY way to help me get this damn thing running?

This is the part number of what I need, same from 03-06 I believe.....

5TJ-17411-10-00 - AXLE, MAIN (12T) Gear Shaft



i talked to my parts rep. its direct ship from japan. should take a week to get to the states

hopefully its not the same shaft that i need. my 4th gear is grinding. tearing it apart saturday.

Thanks for that, will get back on yo my parts guy!!

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