2002 yzf426 weird noise pleas help

hey guys.

The other day i started my yzf426 and noticed a noise in the head.I know that a small noise is common in four-strokes but mine is loud.I was wondering what you guy's think it could be and around how much it would cost to fix it.I have heard that it could be these following things :Piston slap,Cam chain,Timing chain,Piston rings might be worn out,Crank shaft bearings on the way out,or valve clearence. I dont think that the piston rings are worn out or broken because generally you would lose compression.And i havent lost any at all.So if you guy's could please let me know what you's think it might be and how much ruffley it will cost to fix the problem.


might be a wore out cam tensioner or the guides, as well as the things you already stated. You really wont know untill you take the valve cover and head off to inspect further.

yea.i've heard that happen's quite freqently .Hmmm i dont really wanna take the cover off because i dont know really what im looking for.i havent owned much four-stroke's.i use to ride 2 strokes.but yea.if its is what you stated above,how much you reackon that would cost ruthley?

If you dont know much about 4 strokes, or engines in general, it might be better to take it to a mechanic. If your not sure what your looking at, its gonna be hard enough to get it back together, let alone diagnose a problem. Just my opinoin though.

Maybe you could find someone that know's wat they're doing, and watch them so you learn.

yea i was planning on taking it to my local motor bike shop.i only wanted to know wat you guys think it could be and how much use reackon it will cost so i can get the money.ive only got $600 at the moment.im hoping its not some that's gonna cost over that amount.but yea if and 1 else could post what they think it is and ruthley what they think the part might cost.thankz

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