Mods in WA / no compression

Hello, I have two questions, one is their anyone around seattle that is an expert with getting more snap out of a wr. I have talked with my dealer and he said that the bike just isn't made for mx (which i just fell in love with)!! All the people i know are two strokers and don't have any idea how to mod the bike to a yzf style. Wondering if anyone might like to make a deal and help me with the mods?

Second, I just changed my oil and filter yesterday and afterward i had no compression. I could actually push the kickstarter down with my hand. It was easeir with the decomp. lever pulled in but was doable without. It wouldn't start like this. After a while it started to get more compression until is was back to normala and then started. What the hell did i do to my bike? and how do i not do that again. Thanks for any help on both accounts. :D:)

If you want to open up your WR, first off, make sure you have done all the free stuff (search "free mods"). That being said, once you have your bike totally uncorked, you can go to YZ jetting, and YZ timing. I just did this this weekend, and OMG, it was a totally new bike. The timing is easy, you may need to do a little research for jetting in your area.

If you decide to YZ time the scoot, as far as I'm concerned, your very close to a stock YZ at this point, except you get the benifit of a wide ratio trans :D , and lights!!!

Just and idea........

BTW, as far as the compression loss, doesn't sound like it anything major, theres guys on here that loose compression, just to have it come right back, no one's found it to be a big deal. It's going to freek me out if it ever happens to mine.


Dodger :):D

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Your options to mod your WR out are endless but start with jetting. Mr.James Dean has all the answers for proper jetting changes and is also a local of our area. Search the tech section for jetting #'s. :)

Yeah, I wiped out my compression after serviceing the air filter too,,, man was I freaked!!!!! I was ready to rip the whole thing appart after I checked the decomp cable and it was not hanging up. If you spray you Ari filter with WD 40 or what ever, you have to let it air dry for like 24 hours, or you put it in and flood the bike out, when the WR floods and gets gas on the rings it loses compression till the gas dries,,,, weird huh??? The best way to start it up is turn off the gas, turn off the choke, hold the throttle open and the decomp open and kick it slowly for like 10 to 20 kicks then let go of the decomp and see if it has compression.

Thanks Blue, do you know how to do the phisical mods? If not how can i get ahold of Mr. dean on this site?

check out some peoples signatures for what they have done to their bikes (especially jetting & needles) and use the search function for


airbox lid

grey wire (gray wire)

throttle stop

BK mod

YZ timing

just to name the main ones.

Spend some time to read them - its worth it.

Snapper, do you think that the yz timing is ok for trail or would you leave it wr????all i ride is trail and am thinking about the yz mod....also do you need to rejet??? thanks ....mike

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