Carb issues? - have searched threads

Having a difficulty with this..

06 yz450

sea level to 3000ft

fmf powerbomb, ti-Q muff, uni-filter & notoil

48pj, 170 main, JD blue #4 & zip ty davis mod

Fresh piston, rings, valves, seats & springs

have verified valve timing, have removed carb verified float level, verified clean jets and pilot circuits, etc.(even after zip ty mod)

problem is this; at about 1/8-1/4 throttle (off idle, i guess) there is a hesitation / stammering until you get about 3/8-1/2 throttle where it runs very well. when finally warmed up the engine idles down normally..though it seams slugish to react to pilot screw adjustments, it does respond. i've not detected any vacuum leaks..what is next?

With that 48 pj you are probably running a little too rich now that the weather is warming up. I would try a 45pj.

I agree as to the pilot jet. Ordinarily, I'd say the 170 was a little big, too, but the JD needle probably needs that.

As an experiment, disconnect the TPS and run it that way. If it improves, thoroughly test the TPS according to the manual and check the adjustment.

thanks guys, i'll try that. really appreciate the help!

still having that heavy stammering/bog/hesitation at part throttle..went to stock 42PJ - no help.. now it just pops on decel like it used too. but it does seem to respond better to fuel screw adjustments (still not what i would expect though) will go to 45pj when this problem gets sorted out. disconnecting TPS did nothing to resolve hesitation..

noticed the following:

when bike is cold and cooler temps around 60 deg there is no hesitation and runs the way one would expect.

after warmed up good, no matter what OAT, the problem returns.

after heavy whoops or a small jump, any situation where negative G's are felt, there is the stammering/bog.

Check the float level next.

Does Zip Ty mod the AP circut?

I believe they do the O-ring mod, but no mods to the circuit itself. They modify the main air jet passage and install a new emulsion tube/needle jet.

Check the float level next.

have verified the float level is at the .310" dimension.

zip ty mod..heavier spring in ap linkage and emulsion tube

i think i'm going to go back to stock jet and needle just to eliminate those changes..

any other ideas?

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