excel rims suck

i am havre a really bad run with excel rims ! i have n't had so many flat tryes and flat spots in my rims ....... I keep the spokes adjusted and run 16 psi but still a flat tyre can bugger a good after noons riding

No problems with mine. I run around 18 psi.

I'm having absolutely no success keeping my rear spokes tight.

I'm half tempted to use some Honda lock 1...

I'm starting not to trust the fact that my rim is staight but I'm hesitant to spend $70 buck to get it trued. I guess I'll keep tweaking each one by hand until something falls apart :)


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Me too.

Just installed a new rear tire last night and noticed one spoke almost falling out, it was so loose. And I check them suckers after every ride!

I think the key is NOT to keep adding tension but maintaning it. All I do is try and keep them the same. Not too tight or reefed, but snug and even. Kind of vague info but it's all I got.

I went through several rear Excel rims on my Huskys. Thank goodness Buchannons (sp?) out in CA can drill and relace and so on because there are never any Husky rims in the USA.

Speaking of Husky rims; It seems like when you call a supplier and ask for Husqvarna parts, they damn near slam the phone down on you. Like they could lose their resale license or something for selling Husky parts.

I agree, don't add tension. Every now and then only one spoke will become very loose, while the others are fine. Kind of odd.

Now I get it! Yamaha gave me spoke wrenches with my bike when I bought it !!!!!

Dennis :)

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