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Albuquerque riding?

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Ill be heading to Los Lunas New Mexico, just 20 miles south of Albuquerque over the labor day weekend to visit the family, anybody know of some trails I can hit while I'm there?

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You may try posting this on the YZ side, if you haven't already. I know of at least two No. NM guys who regularly post there...

One of my favorite races is held in the washes, canyons and foothills just NE of Socorro, which is about another 40 miles south of Los Lunas.

From the No., you would take the first Socorro exit (also the exit for the State Police, mm 152), go back under the freeway and follow the road for about a mile. Then make a right near a man-made fishing lake and cross the river. After another mile or so the road makes a very sharp right turn, there is a dirt road on your left. Follow that about another mile or so 'til you see a sand wash dead ahead and a large bluff to your right. The good trails (and the race course) start just the other side of this bluff. You can chase the bigger sand wash probably 20 or thirty miles into the mountains, steep walls, a few springs, gravel and some rocks and hardpack on the ridges, a few trees, elevation is from a mile to 7k or so.

Probably too far for ya, I mention it because it is so nice...

But I'm sure there is some good riding much closer.

[edited cuz I couldn't get Map Quest link to work]

[ August 27, 2002, 10:37 AM: Message edited by: Hick ]

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