carb ???

i have a 2000 yzf 426...i was wondering if the pilot screw in the carb bowl needs to be adjusted....

The richness of the air-fuel mixture with the

throttle fully closed to 1/4 open can be set by

turning the pilot screw . Turning in the pilot

screw will make the mixture lean at low

speeds, and turning it out will enrich it.

If the idling speed fluctuates, turn the pilot

screw only 1/2 of a turn in either direction.

• To optimize the fuel flow at a smaller throttle

opening, each machine’s pilot screw has

been individually set at the factory. Before

adjusting the pilot screw, turn it in fully and

count the number of turns. Record this num-

ber as the factory-set number of turns out.

factory-set number of turns out:1 3/8 out if Im right.

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